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Scalable Back Shapes

These back shapes are available in thicknesses from .750" to .900" with a .090" taper typical from 1st fret to 12th fret

D profile
Our most popular shape
Good all around comfort

U profile
More shoulder than a D profile
Good for back-of-neck thumb stability

Soft V Profile
Less shoulder than a D profile
Extra comfort for thumb over top of neck and open-chord work

Asymmetric Profile
Treble-side shaped away
Love it or hate it

Super thin

Fast thin

Comfort thin


Comfort full


Extra chunky
Select a taper for scalable back shapes

Unique Back Shapes

These back shapes only come in one size, they are modeled after specific models and vintages

'63 Contour
A comfortable 825 D shape with a fast taper to nearly a full inch, our most popular vintage feeling unique back shape

'54 Contour
A medium size 850 Soft V shape at the 1st fret with taper to a 960 D shape at the 12th fret, great for open chord work and a chunky vintage neck feel without overdoing it

Boatneck Contour
A full thickness neck with a Soft V shape, always a great vintage profile for big hands

Fatback Contour
A full thickness neck with a round shape, baseball bat feeling profile for big hands

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