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Custom Work / Design

Best Guitar Parts can take your drawings, sketches, blueprints, CAD drawings, and pictures of guitars scribbled on napkins and turn them into real guitars! (Although we generally prefer CAD drawings to scribbles on a napkin)

With extensive knowledge of CAD/CAM and instrument design, we are capable of producing almost anything you can dream up. So feel free to contact us to see if we can make your custom guitar dreams a reality.

Production & OEM

Our production facility is located in Tacoma, Washington, USA. We have the tooling and material supply to take your designs into mass-production. We offer various services to help small and medium sized builders take their operation to the next level. With a combination of high-tech CNC machining techniques and a crew of dedicated luthiers, we can take your designs and begin full-scale production for you!

You send us the drawings, and we'll send you the guitars!

General Design Process and Pricing

A typical project to convert a hand drawn design to CAD that can be used in production is:

1. Receive drawings via email, fax, or mail.
2. Scan and scale the drawing, import into CAD. (2hr CAD typical)
3. Trace and clean up the drawing, place standard components. (5hr CAD typical)
4. Generate a flat image of the new design and submit to the customer for review. Tweak design as necessary. (2hr CAD typical)
5. Once the design is finalized, deliver the final CAD file to the customer and/or use it to reproduce the instrument.
* To-scale PDF is also available for use in generating prints.

A typical project to produce parts based on CAD drawing:

1. Generate CNC program based on CAD drawing. (3hr CAD typical)
2. Create prototype parts. (2hr Shop typical, standard pricing is used for most prototype parts)
3. Deliver parts to customer for verification, repeat prototype process as necessary.
4. Ready for production!

Design/CAD: $100/hour.
Shop rate: $75/hour.