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Reviews for Railhammer Anvil Guitar Pickup
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Railhammer Anvil Guitar Pickup (ANV-B)
We took the Chisel platform and cranked up the windings another 15%. Now you have all the low end, thick mids, and smooth treble you expect from a high output beast. But this beast knows when to behave, offering up clarity and responsiveness unheard of in a pickup this hot. The perfect choice for amp pummeling power and girth without the mush. If you like "JB" pickups, you'll be blown away by the Anvil.

Model: ANV-B
K Ohms: 15.0
Wire Gauge: 44
Magnet: Ceramic
Use With: Chisel-Neck, Hyper Vintage-Neck.

Treble: 5.5
Hi Mid: 6
Lo Mid: 6
Bass: 6.5
Output: 8

 Bridge (ANV-B) ($89.00)
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Installed this in one of my metal guitars. Waaay cool! does what it says, high output and really crunchy, but with total clarity, and super sweet smooth tone on the high end that I\'ve been looking for. Just might have to try these in some of my other guitars.

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