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Black Ice - battery free onboard overdrive (BI0616)
Black Ice is a battery free onboard overdrive that turns your guitar or bass tone control into an overdrive control. There are 4 wiring options available:

Polite: A little grit for single-coils; mild distortion for humbuckers and P-90s.

Warm: Mild distortion for single-coils; a little more for humbuckers and P-90s.

Hot: Medium distortion for single-coils; aggressively raw for humbuckers and P-90s subtle growl for basses.

Industrial Strength: Nasty with hotter pickups; slightly more growl for basses. The best wiring option for weak pickups.

Note: Use a 250K pot as your Black Ice control. The instructions also include diagrams for wiring your Black Ice in a stomp box, and for using a push-pull pot to switch between the Black Ice and your tone control.

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