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DiMarzio® PAF® Guitar Humbucker Pickup
DiMarzio® PAF® Guitar Humbucker Pickup Image
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DiMarzio® PAF® Guitar Humbucker Pickup (DP103)
All DiMarzio® full-size humbuckers are available with both standard and F-spaced pole pieces. F-spacing is slightly greater, and should be used for the bridge position on almost all guitars with tremolo bridges or wide string-spacing. Guitars with a nut width of 1-11/16" (43 mm) or greater should use F-spaced pickups in the neck position as well. **Standard black is in stock** $71.00

 Standard (DP103)
 F-Spaced (DP103F)
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Have you ever wondered what a Fifties humbucker sounded like when it was new, before the magnet weakened and beer got poured on it?

This is the sound: no gimmicks, just clean, open tone with enough top end for sparkle and low end for warmth. The best word for it is "balanced". It's loud enough in the neck position to pair with hotter bridge pickups like the Super Distortion® (a classic combination), and it's a neat bridge pickup to go with neck and middle singlecoils.

Like all of our humbuckers, the PAF® is wax-dipped in a custom formula to eliminate squeal and microphonics (something we didn't like in the Fifties pickups), and it has 4-conductor cable for split and series-parallel wiring.

Output in Millivolts: 203
Treble: 6
Mid-Range: 5.5
Bass: 6
DC Resistance: 8.09K

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