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DiMarzio® Minibucker™ Guitar Pickup
DiMarzio® Minibucker™ Guitar Pickup Image
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DiMarzio® Minibucker™ Guitar Pickup (DP168)
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The classic miniature humbucker had a sound that was a cross between a vintage single-coil and a PAF®. Not a hot pickup, the mini substituted articulation and openness for power. We've retained these qualities and utilized our patented dual resonance design to add even more clarity and musical character, and we dip the DiMarzio Minibucker™ in wax after the cover has been installed to eliminate microphonic squealing. We've also included 4-conductor wiring for greater sound options.

Output in Millivolts: 179
Treble: 4.5
Mid-Range: 5
Bass: 5
DC Resistance: 12.08K

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