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DiMarzio® DLX Plus™ Neck Guitar Pickup
DiMarzio® DLX Plus™ Neck Guitar Pickup Image
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DiMarzio® DLX Plus™ Neck Guitar Pickup (DP162)
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 Neck (DP162)
 Bridge (DP154)
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When DiMarzio® first decided to introduce a humbucking replacement for the "soapbar" and minihumbucker, we found that many players wanted a pickup with more power and definition. We wanted to preserve some of the clean and open character of the original soapbar, so we reduced the DLX Plus's mids a little while making the lows tight and punchy and the highs strong and defined. The result is that the DLX Plus™ has power, but it's not muddy-sounding. The neck model has almost as much power as the bridge model, with a leaner bass response so low notes sound more defined. Both come with 4-conductor cable for coil-splitting and parallel options.

Output in Millivolts: 380
Treble: 6.5
Mid-Range: 5
Bass: 6
DC Resistance: 13.80K

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