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DiMarzio® Soapbar™ Guitar Pickup
DiMarzio® Soapbar™ Guitar Pickup Image
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DiMarzio® Soapbar™ Guitar Pickup (DP167)
DP167S Soapbar **Currently out of stock** $73.00

 Standard (DP167)
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Why do so many players love the old "soapbar" pickup? Probably because it's the friendliest-sounding single-coil ever. High notes are always fat, with just enough bite to cut through the mix. Low notes are bright, but not thin, and the tone stays even-all the way up the neck. Our version of this classic pickup also punches up the mids and tightens up the lows. The DiMarzio Soapbarā„¢ comes in "soapbar" and "dog-ear" versions, cover included.

Output in Millivolts: 270
Treble: 5.5
Mid-Range: 6
Bass: 4.5
DC Resistance: 8.60K

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