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DiMarzio® The Tone Zone P90™ Guitar Pickup
DiMarzio® The Tone Zone P90™ Guitar Pickup Image
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DiMarzio® The Tone Zone P90™ Guitar Pickup (DP210)
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The Tone Zone P90™ is a high-output, humbucking soapbar pickup with the same sound and power as The Tone Zone® humbucker. Because of their plastic cover, "soapbar" pickups usually can't be adjusted quite as close to the strings as standard humbuckers, and compared to full-size humbuckers, soapbars have a slightly narrower magnetic window to "see" the strings. We've taken both factors into account by slightly increasing power and broadening the magnetic field around the coils to allow the Tone Zone P90™ to sound as great as the original Tone Zone®. Designed for the bridge position, it comes with 4- conductor wiring enabling series-parallel humbucking or split-coil modes.

Output in Millivolts: 385
Treble: 5
Mid-Range: 8.5
Bass: 8.5
DC Resistance: 16.77K

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