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Railhammer Chisel Guitar Pickup
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Railhammer Chisel Guitar Pickup (CV1)
Aggressive and thick, but with superb clarity, the Chisel sets a new standard for heavy rock and metal. Unlike the competition, you can dial in a tight clear tone on the wound strings without the plain strings sounding thin or sterile. And the Chisel has loads of character... rich in harmonics, touch sensitive, and armed with an upper-mid attack that cuts like a knife. If you want your riffs to be heard loud and clear, this is your tool.

Model: CHI-B
K Ohms: 13.0
Wire Gauge: 44
Magnet: Ceramic
Use With: Chisel-Neck, Hyper Vintage-Neck.

Treble: 6
Hi Mid: 6
Lo Mid: 5
Bass: 6
Output: 7.5

 Neck (CV1-N) ($89.00)
 Bridge (CV1-B) ($89.00)
 Set (CV1-S) ($178.00)
  Quantity : 

Railhammer Chisel Guitar Pickup Dimensions
Railhammer Chisel Guitar Pickup Dimensions