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Finishing & Refinishing

We are currently outsourcing finish work to:

Elk Plain Guitar Works
Contact us for a quote on finishing or refinishing your guitar or bass!

General pricing is listed below. With so many options we typically quote and handle each request individually. As with most of our offerings, OEM and quantity discounts are available on a per customer basis.

Body Finish Neck Finish
Matte Oil Finish (Clear only)$145 Matte Oil Finish (Clear only)$75
Satin Finish$205 Satin Finish$85
Clear Gloss$230 Gloss$100
Solid Color$250 Solid color on entire neck$120
Solid Color - 2 Tone$285 Satin back w/ Gloss peghead$120
Metallic Color$285 Maple/Maple w/ Vint Tint Satin$135
Metallic Burst$300 Maple/Rosewood w/ Vint Tint Satin$105
Candy Color$320 Maple/Maple neck w/ Candy$185
Candy Burst$370 Maple/Maple neck w/ Gloss$145
Mary Kay or Butterscotch Blonde$265 Maple/Maple neck w/ Vint Tint Gloss$155
Transparent Color$265 Transparent Color$120
2-Color Burst$275 Black cherry on entire neck$195
3-Color Burst$285 Metalflake Front + Back$250
Black Cherry$335
Dyed Top w/ Solid Color Back$275
Dyed Top w/ Natural or Trans Back$290
Dyed Top w/ Candy Back$370
Metal Flake$400