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Earvana Fender® Retrofit Nut
Earvana Fender® Retrofit Nut Image
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Earvana Fender® Retrofit Nut (EN0135)
This patented technology nut is designed to improve the sound of your guitar by compensating each string individually for better intonation.
Please specify flat or curved bottom base.

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This nut is designed to replace a standard FenderĀ® nut. To determine if your neck will work for this nut and to receive any installation tips, please contact Earvana at sales@earvana.com. General installation instructions for this nut can be found here http://www.earvana.com/EarvanaInstallation1.pdf

Best Guitar Parts does not take responsibilty for the proper installation of your nut.

Earvana Fender® Retrofit Nut Dimensions
Earvana Fender® Retrofit Nut Dimensions