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About Us - Best Guitar Parts

Established in 2004, Best Guitar Parts began as an online retailer of hardware and electronics for guitar and bass. We focused on offering the highest quality hardware, pickups, electronics components and speciality items to make it easier to find the best parts for your instruments without the hassle of sifting through so many pages of low quality parts.

In 2007 we began offering fabrication and OEM services at the request of our customers. With a background in solid body electric guitar design and advanced manufacturing, our focus became building the finest quality necks and bodies for retail customers, small builders, and medium-scale manufacturers. By expanding into a larger facility we have been able to increase production for many established builders and help develop new products for our customers.

In 2011 we began offering our first fully assembled instruments, available direct and made 100% in the USA of the highest quality woods and components available. We also continued to expand our product line, adding finishing and other services along with the latest high-quality hardware.

By 2014 our production environment was going strong thanks to our great retail and OEM customers. Thanks to everyone who has supported us over the years!

Currently we are backlogged beyond our expectations, it is an exciting time at Best Guitar Parts. We're hiring, so please send a resume if you're interested in joining our team! Open positions include general labor, sales, and CNC operator positions.

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